Thai Marriage Visa


Apart from other requirements, an applicant primarily needs to be married to a Thai citizen in order to qualify for a One Year Extension of Stay Based on Marriage or the Marriage Visa. If granted with a marriage visa, the individual can now have a year of continuous stay in the Kingdom without the need for him to exit the country once every 90 days. Nonetheless, he should renew it annually in which he has to comply with the requirements again.

With marriage visa, it is possible for its holder to work in Thailand unlike the retirement visa but he has to supplement his marriage visa with a work permit otherwise the absence of which can be treated as an illegal act by the foreigner.

Qualifications for Thai Marriage Visa

  • MarriageAs mentioned, the applicant needs to be married to a Thai national and this fact can be supported by the couple’s marriage certificate. There may be a chance too that the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry may be demanded of which he has to obtain from his embassy in the Kingdom.
  • Financial RequirementThe financial requirement can be satisfied by the following:
    1. Having a security deposit for at least 2 months before the application amounting to 400,000 THB. The account should be with a Thai Bank.
    2. Earning an income of not less than 40,000 THB monthly. This can be supported by a letter of verification from the foreigner’s embassy.
    3. A combination of both the annual and monthly incomes that would total 400,000 THB.
  • Other Documentary Requirements
    • Police Certificate
    • Medical Certificate

Brief Description of the Application Process

The applicant cannot apply directly for a marriage visa as he must begin with submitting his application for a 90 Day or a One Year Non-Immigrant “O” Visa. When he is granted with either of the two visas, he must have it activated by traveling to Thailand. There, he can apply for the marriage visa and submit all documentary requirements.


Although exiting the Kingdom every 90 days is not required from him, still he must report his address every 3 months. If he plans to temporarily exit Thailand, he must first obtain a re-entry permit prior to his departure to avoid his marriage visa being cancelled.

With one year validity, the individual can have the same visa extended for another year while staying in the Kingdom but he needs to submit the same requirements except for the funds in his bank account which should now be at least 3 months old prior to the application for extension.