• Chiang Mai Lawyers

    Finding a reputable lawyer in Chiang Mai is important. Find a lawyer that has offices in major areas of Thailand. Siam Legal (Chiang Mai) Co., Ltd. has branches in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. If you are in need of legal assistance in Thailand, we can provide you with a cost effective and streamlined solution for your case.

    You can contact us directly through our phone numbers 05 381 8306 or 05 382 0619. You can also leave us a message.

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  • Retire in Thailand


    Retirees from other countries may identify Thailand as their destination of choice for their retirement after due consideration of the country’s distinct qualities as a nation.


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  • Marriage Registration

    marriage registration in thailand

    If you wish your marriage to be recognized in other countries, you should register your marriage at one of the Kingdom’s many Amphurs or registration offices and this entails several requirements that you and your partner must submit before the office.

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  • Business Registration

    business formation in thailand

    The registration of the business entity can take up several weeks. Further, the foreign investment entity needs to be aware that in Thailand, not all types of business endeavors are open to foreign companies. It is limited to several activities only.

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  • Notary Service

    • Verify the signatures’ authenticity
    • Act as witness to parties
    • Certify the identities of parties
    • Certify and attest certain documents.
    • Do administer oath and or affirmation.
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  • Due Diligence


    If you are a foreigner, due diligence is highly recommended. Even if you will just lease the property for a certain period of time, the fact that you will be investing a part of your finances, due diligence is still highly recommended.

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  • Work Permit Application

    Thai Work Permit

    An individual wanting to be employed in Thailand must first apply for a non-immigrant visa before applying for a work permit as the former is a requirement of the latter. The visa is to be applied outside of the Kingdom.

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